2.1 New features expected december 2021
New functionality:
– Adjust pitch / speed)

– Increase / Decrease step duration (two drag modes: other steps shift and other steps fixed)
– Undo functionality


2.0 New features expected April 17th 2021
New functionality:
– Translations (Japanese,Chinese, 
Polish, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian)
– Backup / Restore functionality
– Apply pre-defined formations (circle, square, triangle, diamond, etc.)
– Make toolbar also working with selection box
– PDF generated multiple times, choreostep image out of sync, generate image on the fly
– PDF Generate for specific dancer, show trace dancer, distances
– Shortcut: navigate to performers screen from choreo performer edit screen
– Shapes: improve/extend algorithm for dancers with the same distance to target point
– Add double vertical create
– Enable / disable shape creators
– Possibility to define couples.
– Add Couples toolbar (4 buttons)
– Swap positions of 2 dancers: current step, next steps as well
– Move right, left, up, down dancers (current step only)
– Step: show trace, distances, larger image, larger description

– Layout improvements
– Compact database functionality
– Rotate dancers with slider control
– Beats -> Measure
Solved issue:
– Bug double set of dancers is shown in some occasions

1.9 December 18th 2020
New functionality:
-All steps will be in PDF with a screenshot of the step and the coordinates of the performers
-Delete team
-Translations (German, dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian, Korean)
-Help texts on ChoreoMaker main screen
-User interface (layout) 
– New design ChoreoMaker

1.8 October 24th 2019
– Upgrade for iOS 13

1.7 July 16th 2019
Fixed issue:
– Removing a performer from a choreography causing inconsistent choreography data
– Enable/disable performers selection on main form

1.6 June 16th 2019
Solved issue:
– With opening choreography step edit screen

1.5 June 10th 2019
New functionality:
– Import choreography music (mp.3) via WhatsApp / Mail etc.
– Possibility to adjust the performer path transparency
– Show choreography step description at bottom of the grid
– Show units on top and to the right of the grid
Solved issue:
– That occurred when importing multiline text
Fixed issue:
– Regarding scroll on/off switch

1.4 April 23th 2019
New functionality:
– Entering single selection mode automatically after selection of only 1 performer via selection box
– Additional grid menu item: Possibility to enable/disable single-tap function for showing/hiding controls
Bug fix/Improvement release:
– Solved bug and prevent App from crashing during export / import choreography
– Don’t allow the step duration to be infinitive. This will also prevent the App from crashing

1.3 March 21th 2019
New functionality:

– Create new choreography step by double tapping pointer
– Apply move, rotate and zoom to performer positions
– Share choreographies between other ChoreoMaker users by using the export / import functionality
– Quick creation of performer initials via editable list
– Possibility to delete music from choreographies
Improved functionality:
– Performer selection using selection box
– Initial performer positions (separate positions)
– Trace on/off in combination with selection box
– After choreography step edit jump back to this step in main form
– Allow only 3 characters for performer’s initials
Solved issues:
– Initial snap to grid setting was not applied
– Disable selection mode during play
– Inconsistency during increase of number of performers solved
– iPhone: cancel of popup menus not possible
– Solved issue blurry stage image upon choreography creation

1.2 Feb. 15th 2019
New functionality:
– Music wave
– Music offset
– Choreos step description to choreography steps screen
– Some layout
– Navigate to a specific choreo step from choreography stepsscreen
1.1 Dec. 14th 2018
New functionality:
– Own/custom stage/floor images
– Select a default stage / floor image in settings
– Add multiple performers to team at the same time
– layout floor selection screen
– layout of bottom tool bar items
Solved issue:
– Multiple selection after step creation
– Size/layout issues on iPhone 5s
– Snap factor
– Prevent App from crashing after resizing of grid
– BPM/Beats from settings
1.0 Dec. 4th 2018