For many years I have been engaged in choreographic research into the correspondence of form, expression and dynamics to all related dance forms and styles. Dance is an Art-Form in which the body is used as an instrument. As a choreographer you usually work with dancers. There are also other types of performers who work just as well with design such as; precision walking in Japan, synchronized skydiving, swimming, gymnastics, marching bands. I would like to give the choreographer another opportunity to prepare his work in a digital way. The world has become much smaller because of the world wide web (www). The digital possibilities are a wonderful medium for shaping dance science in a ChoreoMaker app. To share the knowledge and passion and make it accessible to choreographers, performers, trainers and teachers all over the world.

My motivation to develop ChoreoMaker is mainly based on the fact that I want to bridge the gap between creating and inventing a choreography on the one hand and the technique on the other. By nature, these 2 disciplines are far apart because they seem to have nothing to do with each other at first glance. Currently many choreographers don’t see why they would want to use an app to create and design their choreography. However, I am convinced that an app can certainly be of added value and I therefore see it as a challenge to convince a choreographer to start using ChoreoMaker. I want to do this by using the latest state of the art techniques in the field of software development. Furthermore I like to learn and investigate the more complex problems which are required to get the more advanced features of the app up and running, such as e.g. the mpeg decoding of mp3’s for making waveforms, the 3d -rendering of the choreography, performers and the transitions between the different formations / steps.