We have set ourselves the goal of making ChoreoMaker an App that will be used on daily basis by both performers and choreographers.
We are convinced that the App has an added value in creating and practicing choreographies.
We also want to expand the functionality that the basic version of ChoreoMaker already has.
We have set ourselves short and long term goals for this.


– Support of multiple languages
– Improved options for quickly setting up standard formations such as circles, squares, diamonds, etc. In 2d.
– Build-in help function to explain the use of gestures
– Align iOS and Android version in terms of functionality and appearance

LONG TERM GOALS (6 months +)
– Release of a professional edition that includes the following functionalities:
– 3d support. Create and view choreographies from different viewpoints and angles (e.g. view from jury, audience and / or performers among themselves).
Quickly set up 3D formations based on geometric figures (squares, circles, diamonds, etc.) and saved formations
– Transitions: Direct (geometric) and indirect (free) paths / transition between formations / steps
– Performers: Independent movement of performer’s body parts
– Analysis / statistics of performers paths and floor usage
– Use of attributes on the floor, such as a chair, table, ball, etc.
– Record / display / send a video of the created choreography
– Making notes on the main screen for a particular formation