Upcoming Releases:

Android. Release 1.0 (planned live date 2019, April)

IOS. Release 1.2. New features  (planned live date 2019, Feb. 10th.)
– Added music wave
– Added music offset
– Added choreos step description to choreography steps screen
– Some layout improvements
– Navigate to a specific choreo step from choreography stepsscreen

Previous Releases:

iOS. Release 1.1 – Live date 2018, Dec. 14th
– Possibility to use own/custom stage/floor images
– Possibility to select a default stage / floor image in settings
– Possibility to add multiple performers to team at the same time
– Improved layout floor selection screen
– Improved layout of bottom tool bar items

iOS. Release 1.0 – Live date 2018, Dec. 4th
– Solved issue with multiple selection after step creation
– Solved size/layout issues on iPhone 5s
– Solved issue with snap factor
– Prevent App from crashing after resizing of grid
– Removed BPM/Beats from settings